Underwater Encounter 

Released April 2016 - cd and digital 

In this fifth release by the collaborative ensemble, the core of rock n roll, funk and jazz compositions are augmented by spoken word and found sound. 

Underwater Encounter explores ideas of modern transportation and communication, inquires about our evolving relationship to places and spaces, and invites introspection while the good china rattles off the shelves. These songs came together as the band searched for its identity during a period of uncertainty and change. 

Jazz fusion and rock n roll from Ann Arbor, MI 

Sprinkled with sound effects from a 1996 Casio CTK-611 keyboard and tidbits of marine biology from a circuit bent children's toy, the album is full of humor and heartache, passages of exuberant joy as well as quiet reflection. It is the Macpodz over-the-top musical attitude tempered by experience gained from their 10 year career. 

Founder and bassist Brennan Andes and trumpeter Ross Huff reunited in the studio with the original drummer Griffin Bastian, building arrangements around a third wave of Macpodz personnel. Reflecting Andes' initial vision of a free-form, renegade funk project, the Macpodz welcome the collaboration of Shawn McDonald playing organ and keyboards, James Cornelison on guitar, Randall Moore of the Ragbirds on percussion, Bob Lewis on French Horn, Craig Freeman on bass trombone, and Tim Haldeman on tenor sax. Cult Heroes singer Hiawatha Bailey provides guest vocals on the spoken word track "Sammy's Reprise." 

This set of original material explores rock n roll, jazz, funk and contemporary music. "Underwater Encounter" shines light on the meaning of The Macpodz.

Holler at cha boyeez!

Holler at cha boyeez!